A List Of questions to ask your attorney on your first appointment

You could fix up an appointment with a lawyer to ask him some basic questions that you may have regarding the case and about the experience of the lawyer. This is a very important meeting because it lets you decide whether you want to go ahead hiring the lawyer for this case. You could ask him specific questions once you decide him to takeover your case.

But before you visit your attorney it is important that you set out some questions that will make you prepared and know what exactly you should ask the lawyer in the first meeting. These questions should relate to the experience of the lawyer, his fees and what special knowledge he has in order to solve your case.

The important questions that should be asked to a lawyer are:

  • How long has he practiced should be the first thing that you should be aware of. This will let you know whether the lawyer is just a beginner or comes with some experience to handle your specific case.

  • You could then ask the lawyer about the kind of cases that he generally handles. You should focus on how many of those cases have been handled in the specific niche. So in case suppose you hire a lawyer to handle your adoption case then you should know the number of cases in this field that he has handled.

  • Ask the lawyer who his typical client is. This is an important question and should not be over looked. So suppose you are looking to hire a lawyer to handle your legal case but the lawyer only handles the corporations then he is definitely not the best lawyer to handle your case. You should also find out the financial background of some of the clients of your lawyer.

I found the best legal attorney in SC by making a list of questions to ask him on the first appointment with him.