Legal Drug Test Tactics

Thousands of people lose the very existence of their life due to false positive drug tests every single year all across the globe. There could be several reasons that are responsible for such false positives and these range from the use of supplements, strong perfumes, over the counter medications and such. This is why it is important to understand the tactics that could prevent you from getting false positives during legal drug tests. Learn more guaranteed ways pass drug test ideas here.

Learn the test types

Before you take a test, learn the types that you will be undergoing. It is also a wise idea to know what products are banned from the field in which you are working at the moment. All these products might not be illegal but might ban or suspend you for a short period of time.

Know what to avoid

Did you know that a commonly used medicine known as Ibuprofen could give you a false positive test for marijuana? That does sound scary because it is an over the counter medication, often taken for pain relief. Poppy seeds could lead you to test positive for opioids. A lot of health supplements could have the same effect. Avoid all of these as far as possible before taking a test.

Do a thorough research

A proper research of the food items, medications, types of supplements etc that could lead to a false positive is required at your end if you wish to avoid triggering a false positive. Know what test you are about to take and the exact list of things that could lead to a wrong result.

Keep a track

Start keeping a track of all food items that you consume, for example, medications, supplements, vitamins etc at least a week or two before you are about to take the test. This will help you to avoid ending up with a false positive.