What The Law Says About CBD Oil

There is no such thing as one clear statement about the legal status of CBD oil. This is because different states have different things to say about this oil. Let us find some clarity here. Unofficially, CBD is legal in the 50 states of America but there are a few clauses associated. There are several factors that determine the legality of the oil and these factors are mostly state-driven. The most important factor that makes a difference is whether the CBD oil is derived from hemp or from marijuana.

Is hemp-derived CBD legal?

If the CBD oil we are talking about is hemp-derived then it is considered legal by the law of the United States. This is because of the fact that CBD oil derived from hemp has been shown to have zero psychotic effects. This is why CBD oil can be legally purchased, sold or possessed in all the states of America.

There could be a certain amount of hesitation among people because of the stigma associated with the oil but from a legal point of view, it is absolutely safe to procure, sell or use.

Legal status of CBD oil derived from Marijuana

CBD oil derived from marijuana does not have the same luck as the previous one does. Since it is rich in THC, it is considered as a direct product of marijuana and there are mixed responses to it. While in some states, it is legal; in some others, it is absolutely illegal. Every state has particular laws by which all CBD products might have to abide.

Is CBD legal to use for recreational purposes?

As per the legal regulations of the year 2018, CBD oil is safe to be used for both recreational and medicinal purposes in 8 states of America. These states are California, Alaska, Colorado, Massachusetts, Maine, Oregon, Nevada, and Washington. If you happen to reside in any of these states, you can freely use CBD oil without needing a prescription.

Medicinal Purposes

CBD oil is known for its medicinal properties. To know more about this, visit http://allcbdoilbenefits.com . There are 46 states in America where CBD can be used with a prescription. There are 29 other states that allow the usage of CBD oil derived from both bits of hemp as well as marijuana. All it needs is a medical prescription signed by a certified health practitioner to allow the usage.

There are 4 states where CBD oil derived from marijuana is absolutely illegal and these are Kansas, Idaho, South Dakota and Nebraska.